Drug and theft arrest made by Trumann police

Friday, July 8, 2011

Anthony Shane Fore of Harrisburg was arrested Tuesday, June 28, by Assistant Chief Gary Henry and Patrolman Jered Rolland for charges of possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to manufacture methamphetamine, possession of a controlled substance (Xanax) and possession of a controlled substance (Hydrocodone).

Henry made a traffic stop on a vehicle occupied by Fore and was granted consent to search the vehicle and Fore. Henry then located a baggie in Fore's pocket containing three different types of pills, including suspected Hydrocodone, suspected Xanax and suspected Pseudoephedrine pills.

Rollands searched the vehicle and discovered a recently purchased can of Coleman camp fuel, as well as lithium batteries.

Fore did not have a prescription for the Xanax or Hydrocodone and was charged for possession for each medication. He was then charged with possession of drug paraphernalia with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine due to his possession of several items commonly used to make meth and his admission of what the evidence was to be used for.

District Judge Ron Hunter set Fore's bond at $5,000 and Fore's court date will take place Aug. 29.

Also on Tuesday, June 28, Toby D. May of Trumann was arrested by Detective Erik Willbanks and Patrolman Jered Rolland on charges of theft of property of a motor vehicle.

On Aug. 21, 2010, Detective Willbanks was called to the scene of a vehicle accident in which the vehicle had been reported stolen only hours earlier. The suspect driving the 1997 Ford Explorer had apparently lost control of the vehicle resulting in the vehicle rolling several times.

The suspect had fled the scene prior to officers arrival, but Willbanks was able to seize what was believed to be blood evidence from the steering wheel's deployed air bag and the interior of the driver's door. This evidence was submitted to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory and a DNA ample was obtained from that evidence.

In June of this year, the Arkansas State Crime Lab was able to match that DNA evidence with that of a former prisoner of the Arkansas Department of Corrections, Toby May.

Willbanks received an arrest warrant for May and arrested May along with Rolland.

District Judge Ron Hunter set May's bond for $3,500 and May's court date will take place Aug. 29.

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