Harrisburg's Business Spotlight shines on For Every Home

Friday, August 26, 2011

This week's Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce Business Spotlight falls on For Every Home.

"In 2007, Becky Anderson created For Every Home to give women like her opportunities to celebrate the moments, memories and milestones that happen at home," said Ashley Rowton, For Every Home's Harrisburg representative. "From her experience, Becky knows home businesses give women the freedom, flexibility and financial independence to spend time doing the things they love."

For Every Home is unique to the area for multiple reasons.

"Our soy candles, soy cubes and warmers allow customers to fragrance their homes in an environmentally friendly way," said Rowton. "Soy is water soluble, biodegradable, a replenishable resource, is non-toxic and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Soy burns cleaner and longer with no petroleum-based black emissions. Our odor eliminator gels and sprays are also non-toxic, making them safe to use around children and pets. Our Green Living cleaning line is also safe around food, children, and pets."

Rowton places orders every few days and will gift-wrap anything that she has in her inventory for a last-minute gift.

"Our candles contain double the scent of most in the industry and, of course, we always use lead-free wicks and the finest essential oils," she said. "We have highly-scented wax with seven percent oil distributed evenly throughout the candle. The unique blend of clean burning soy wax, our signature decorative toppings, and our fabulous true-to-life fragrances set For Every Home candles apart from everyone else."

Rowton said she loves delivering orders to her customers and listening as they talk about all of the different places they plan to use the candles in their homes.

"I have so many regular customers who are loyal to our odor absorbing gels and odor eliminating sprays," said Rowton. "They know they are safe for their entire family and pets, yet five times stronger than the leading brand of odor eliminating spray. Our sprays can be used on furniture, rugs, linens, etc., and they will not irritate eyes, skin, or lungs."

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