Tyronza city council discusses rundown properties

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Tyronza City Council continued discussion Tuesday night of two properties on Main Street with structural damage. Mayor Marion Bearden said letters had been sent to the properties' owners stating that if the properties are not cleaned and fixed up the city will move forward in condemning them.

Mayor Bearden said she heard back from one of the property owners who said she was working to fix up the property also is having health issues. The property owner could not come before the council to discuss the issue because she was in the hospital. The city has not yet received a response from the other property owner.

"The notice has been put out. We'll see what happens," Mayor Bearden said. "This isn't something that has just come up. The properties need to be cleaned up, and we need to see structural improvements. If not, then the council will proceed."

Council member Tommy Baine mentioned the grocery store also is "falling apart" and in need of repair. "It's possible it may be past the point of repair," he added. Mayor Bearden said the same notice letter will be sent to that property owner.

City Attorney Noyl Houston suggested the city get someone knowledgeable to inspect the properties. Tyronza does not have a city inspector. Mayor Bearden said the city will look into setting up a part-time city inspector.

In new business, the council received copies of the amended budget for review. The council will approve the budget at the December meeting.

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