Marked Tree proposed dog ordinance to be revised

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Marked Tree City Council tabled discussion last month of an ordinance providing rules and regulations for keeping dogs and other animals so they would have the chance to review the ordinance.

At the January meeting, many of the council members expressed reservations about various sections of the ordinance, such as limits on animals people are allowed to keep outside and regulations regarding spaying and neutering animals, and the meaure failed with a 6-2 vote.

Mayor Wayne Nichols suggested council members review the ordinance and write down the areas where they disagree. Changes will be discussed at the next meeting.

Jackie Ragan, who has been serving as dogcatcher, said, "We just need something in place so we can hold people accountable for their actions."

In the mayor's State of the City statement, he said revenue has continued to decline because of reduced state turnback and less sales tax being collected.

"We did not reduce services to the citizens of our city," he said. "We did change the way some services are handled, however. For example, we now have a place citizens can bring their hard items to dispose of for a very minimum fee. We are using this small fee to help defray the landfill cost."

Mayor Nichols said in the statement the railroad spur for Awesome Products should be installed this year and that the city will continue to be frugal with taxpayers' assets.

In other business, the council:

* Approved a new four-year lease contract with St. Bernards for the Senior Center building.

* Approved getting insurance for construction related to the Burlington Northern lease.

* Approved raising sanitation fees eight percent to cover costs now that landfill dumping fees have increased by about 15 percent.

* Went into executive session to discuss hiring a new police officer. Upon coming out of executive session the council voted to table the matter until next month.

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