Lepanto city council tackles garbage issue

Friday, February 24, 2012

Much like Trumann, Lepanto also has been having issues with Delta Environmental and its garbage pick-up -- or lack of it.

Mayor Steve Jernigan said garbage is a major issue in Lepanto and that he receives numerous complaints and daily phone calls about trash not being picked up.

Jernigan said he rode around in one of Delta Environmental's trucks one day with the company's senior vice president, Bob Cordrick, to point out sections of town that were overflowing with trash.

In the days and weeks that followed, he said, many of those sections still weren't picked up.

The council suggested in a meeting Tuesday night that Mayor Jernigan start looking around and get bids on another sanitation company to take over the service.

Another issue that keeps coming up is that of stray dogs. The Lepanto dog pound is set up and ready, but the council has not yet been able to find a way to afford dog control. Council members have determined the city can afford to either have dog control or spray for mosquitoes -- but not both.

A public hearing will be scheduled before the March 20 council meeting to hear what the public prefers be done.

In other business, the council:

* amended ordinance 434 to allow an additional commissioner on the Parks Commission. Ordinance 434 authorized five commissioners. The council appointed Mitsy Malone as the sixth commissioner for a five-year term.

* adopted an ordinance abandoning the west 285 feet of Holmes Street between lot 2 block 7 and lot 1 block 8 based on the Planning Commission's recommendation.

* agreed to let the daycare, Giggles N Grins, remain in its current building for another year while keeping up with repairs and submitting quarterly financial reports. Mayor Jernigan said he had called Little Rock to ask if the city could sell the building, which was built with grant money, and was told if the city does sell the building it will have to repay the grant, which was close to $100,000. The daycare serves 22 children from Lepanto and the surrounding area and makes just enough money to pay its employees and taxes. The rest comes out of the owners' pockets.

* heard from Kay Robertson regarding a diesel tank that was installed by the river bank. Robertson said she was unhappy to see that shrubbery planted by local residents was pulled up for the tank. Jernigan said the tank had to be placed there because of accessibility of electricity at that site. He added that having the tank will save the city over $2,000 a year and added he thought the shrubbery was dead.

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