Marked Tree council amends ordinance, makes changes to handbook

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Marked Tree City Council held a short monthly meeting this week to amend an ordinance relating to zoning regulations and approve changes to the personnel handbook.

Last month, the council discussed a section of the zoning regulations pertaining to home occupations that allowed signs of up to four square feet to be attached to residences identifying home businesses. The council voted unanimously to take out this section so that signs are not allowed in residential areas to identify a home business or occupation.

The council also reviewed several changes in the personnel handbook. Changes suggested include requiring city employees to undergo semi-annual evaluations, to not add Columbus Day to the list of designated holidays, to add three personal days to take care of a sick family member and to not allow vacation days to carry-over from year to year unless there is an extreme emergency to be determined by the supervisor and the mayor.

City Clerk Pam Wright said she would incorporate the changes.

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