Mayor details grants for Trumann Rotary

Friday, July 20, 2012
Trumann Mayor Sheila Walters talks to the Trumann Rotary Club about grants. (DT Photo/Corey Clairday)

Mayor Sheila Walters visited the Trumann Rotary Club last week as guest speaker to talk about grants the city has received recently.

She said the city received a $23,000 grant through East Arkansas Planning and Development District. The grant, which was applied for in 2010, went toward a Bobcat and accessories to move pallets and help with the recylcing program. The Bobcat and accessories were purchased for $22,900, leaving $100 left to purchase blue bags.

Mayor Walters said she has been working over the last four

years with the Chamber of Commerce to apply for grants to help the city. Another grant the city received recently was a General Assistance grant through the Arkansas Economic Development Commission for $82,500. This money will go toward funding the Sims/Talbot Adult Training and Education Center. Together with money already donated, $340,000 has been raised for the construction of the center.

"Hopefully, we'll get another grant for the adult education center in November," Mayor Walters said. "The goal is to start construction in 2013."

She said there would be an announcement of a large grant next week. "We're really proud of what we've got going on because grants are hard to come by," she said.

Walters spoke briefly on the garbage pick-up situation and said that Judge James Nixon would make a ruling in the case between the city and Delta Environmental regarding a dispute over commercial pick-up. The city is currently handling residential pick-up.

"I want to get better at residential pick-up," Mayor Walters said. "We get three calls a week about trash being missed. When we first started, we were getting 50 calls a week. We're working on the kinks."

She also talked about the city's recycling program. There is currently no curbside recycling pick-up, though Walters said she would love to see that happen. "We want to expand our recycling, which is the reason East Arkansas Planning and Development District helped us," she said. "They know how dedicated we are to recycling. We've saved a lot of money for citizens. With our recycling program, we made $23,000 and saved almost $4,000 not going to the landfill."

The city currently recycles cardboard, metal, clothing, and newspaper. Anybody can donate by dropping their items off at the city shop on Oak Street. "You can literally drive in and drop off cardboard," she said.

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