Trumann city council approves Parks committee members and two resolutions

Friday, August 17, 2012
Mayor Sheila Walters and city council members listen to Trumann Police Chief Chad Henson. (DT Photo/Corey Clairday)

The Trumann City Council voted to approve new members to the Parks and Recreation committee to fill all the vacancies. The board approved Timmy Collins' renewal of membership and approved the addition of three new members to the committee: Don D. Walton, Teri Peeler, and Jason Taylor. All committee members serve three year terms.

In other Parks and Recreation news, Parks Director Brandon Schrader announced the formation of a new noncompetitive kickball church league. The program is free and for kids and adults age 10 and up. Teams can be registered online at or by calling 870-761-1426.

The council passed a resolution raising the minimum price for inventory purchased for city departments that are placed on the city insurance policy. The resolution raises the minimum price of fixed assets from $500 to $1,000.

The city recently went through an audit. Mayor Sheila Walters said one of the things that came up is that the city must have a contract with the Chamber of Commerce in order to allow them to use office space in the municipal building. The council approved a resolution allowing the mayor to into a contract with the chamber for such purpose. The contract would remain in effect until Dec. 31, 2012. Mayor Walters added the Chamber of Commerce is going through some restructuring and the Wild Duck Festival could possibly be only one day this year, Sept. 8, instead of two.

Mayor Walters informed the council she received a request from the lawyer of Erik Willbanks to meet on Aug. 30 for mediation. Willbanks was terminated from the police department earlier this year when an investigation into former police chief Tony Rusher revealed Willbanks knew Rusher was using prescription medication from the evidence room and that Willbanks had gone into to the evidence room to get the medication for him several times. The mayor said she may have to sign a contract in which each party would agree to pay a fee of $75 for the mediation. The council was uncomfortable with giving her approval to sign the contract, should the need arise. Mayor Walters said she would bring their concerns to City Attorney Jimmy Gazaway and there would possibly be a special meeting to allow Gazaway to talk to the council about it. No action was taken.

Police Chief Chad Henson told the aldermen about a free online system for keeping track of serial numbers at He said the system is free for law enforcement and civilians and allows people to input serial numbers for property and upload up to four photos for each item. He said it was a convenient way to keep track of serial numbers in the event an item is stolen.

Chief Henson said the Trumann Police Department is already in the system and that no one can see what anyone has unless an item is reported as stolen. He said people can also generate an Owner Applied Number for their items. He encouraged aldermen to take a look at the site and tell the people in their wards if they like it.

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