Parker gives update on Trumann ambulance service

Monday, December 17, 2012
Dale Parker, new owner of the Trumann EMS, assured the Trumann City Council he strives to provide top notch pre-hospital care for the residents of Trumann. (DT Photo/Belina Santos)

At the monthly Trumann City Council meeting, Dale Parker, new owner of Trumann EMS, gave an explanation of what has been happening recently with the ambulance service. Parker said residents have been very much misinformed with rumors. "On Nov. 27, the owner of the Trumann EMS ambulance service decided to sell her business," Parker said. He assured the council that at no point was the State of Arkansas EMS at the base with the purpose of shutting the previous owner down. According to Parker, the previous owner retired.

He said after a lengthy discussion with his wife, Randy, they decided to purchase the asset. Parker said an arrangement with the Emerson ambulance service was in place while Trumann EMS shifted hands.

Parker told the council he and his wife strive to provide top notch pre-hospital care. He said Trumann was never without the service of paramedic EMS coverage.

Parker admitted he and his wife had no idea the necessary actions they would have to go through in order to obtain ownership of an ambulance service. Within a matter of two weeks, they obtained the necessary licensure to operate an advanced life support ambulance service in the state of Arkansas. He has secured the employment of a number of individuals with a variety of instructor certifications.

"Some things will change, but some will stay the same," Parker said. "I think everyone is going to be impressed with the overall outcome."

Parker said he needs the community's understanding, because it cannot happen in a day. If given time, he will prove himself to the city of Trumann. He encouraged council members to come to him with any comments, questions or concerns about the ambulance service.

"Trumann EMS is your hometown EMS provider," Parker said, closing his explanation with a reference to the hometown values quote seen on the Trumann welcome sign.

In other business, the council:

*recognized Trumann as receiving a water award for 2012. Harrisburg was the only other surrounding town to receive the same award.

*recognized Alderman Carl Wilson with a plaque for serving on the council. "It takes a special person to stand on the city council," Mayor Shelia Walters said. Wilson said it is a pleasure to work with the residents of the city of Trumann.

*accepted a motion to go forward with a resolution to condemn a house located at 409 W Speedway. It was deemed unsightly, unsafe and unsanitary. The owner of the house will have 60 days to bring it back into code.

*accepted a motion to go forward with a resolution to amend the re-use plan of the Trumann Industrial Development Commission to allow unspent income in the annual budget to be carried over and added to budgets in succeeding years and to establish a salary for the position of Director of Economic Development. Mayor Walters said the position does not currently exist, however a certain volunteer works very hard to promote and support the economic development of Trumann.

*accepted a motion to go forward with a resolution to close Conatser Road which is located between Balcom Lane and Industrial Drive. The road was said to only provide access to one home, and the land could be used for agricultural purposes.

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