County Corner

Thursday, March 21, 2013


As we all know, Poinsett County consists of eight cities. Those

cities range from approximately 100 people in Waldenburg to our larger city of Trumann, with a population of 7,200 people. Each and every town has proven successful through the years and there is a reason for that success. For a city in our county to be successful, there must be many hours spent by persons, who give freely of their time, for projects to be completed in a successful manner. In larger counties, such as Craighead County, there is money that can be spent on projects that the smaller counties just do not have. We, here in Poinsett County, have always had people to "step

up to the plate" to make sure that projects are completed and good

happenings continue within each and every city in our county. These people in our county and cities do not receive pay for the community work that is performed. These folks actually perform the task from their hearts, because they know without all people giving of their time, projects will fail to be completed and the area will be going backwards instead of forward for the good of their area.

There are examples in Weiner with their Lions Club. The Harrisburg

Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club have kept Harrisburg alive and moving forward. Lepanto has always been gifted with a fire department that goes outside of the area of protecting their people of fires. If there is a project in Lepanto, such as the Terrapin Derby and Christmas Parades, the fire department is always in the middle of the situation with their assistance. In Tyronza, the fire department also takes on big duties.

When there is a needed cause in Tyronza, the fire department is always ready

with assistance. In Marked Tree, the Rotary Club and Masonic Lodge have always made themselves available for projects that prove progressive to the city. In Trumann, the city has a very strong Chamber of Commerce. The city also has the Lions and Rotary Clubs to assist the community in every way.

This is probably the reason that Trumann continues to grow in population

with all of these civic organizations and the assistance of a strong chamber of commerce. We can see why our county continues to progress. The progression is in direct relationship to community involvement. We also must note that the community involvement is performed by people who give freely of their time in all of the functions of each and every city. We must encourage more community involvement as time passes through the years. Without past involvement we would not be the county and cities that we are today.

There are so many names that could be mentioned for all of the involvement within our area. Through the years, had these special people not become involved, we would not be in as good of condition as we are, as of this time. We appreciate these special people who give of their time to make every city and our county a successful community to live. Thank each and every one of you all who have helped push us to this point. We are going forward, but, without community involvement, we probably would not be in the good condition that we are at this time.