Trumann receives AdvancEd Accreditation

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Trumann School District recently had a visit from AdvancEd, a third party organization that sends review teams to schools in order to be accredited with their standards. The team is made up of superintendents and educators from inside and outside of the state.

According to the AdvancEd website, accreditation is a voluntary method of assurance developed more than 100 years ago, and designed primarily to distinguish schools following a certain set of standards for quality. These standards include evaluating purpose and directions, governance and leadership, teaching and assessing for learning, resources and support systems, and using results for continuous improvement.

The team spent days interviewing parents, teachers, community members, and students. Assistant Superintendent David Rutledge said they interviewed about 108 people in order to be thorough.

"We really wanted a fresh set of eyes to come in and see our improvements," said Rutledge. "They really gave us the seal of approval that everything is as successful as we see it."

At the beginning of the school year, Trumann handed out about 1,800 iPads and MacBooks to students K-12, and have since then been preparing for the New Tech and Project-based Learning program. They received the ADTEC Education Innovation Award at the Crossroads Coalition earlier in the year for their innovative education techniques with the technology.

Rutledge added that the team even made implications that Trumann School District could be a demonstration site for other schools that are moving into the New Tech. The team was excited to know that Trumann was moving in the direction of New Tech before it had actually been implemented. They also commented that the technology was being used for its intended purpose as a tool to enhance learning.

"They applauded us for our innovation, our technology, and most importantly our educators," he said.

Another quality that the district was applauded on was their vision--"it's all about the students"--being permeated throughout the entire community. In all of the team's interviews everyone readily knew that the student's education and college and career readiness was the central goal.

"Sometimes it's difficult to get everyone on the same page, and I'm proud to know that we have that," said Rutledge. "The accreditation is validation that this change process has been impacting."

This is the first time Trumann School District, as a whole, has been accredited by AdvancEd.

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