Lepanto City Hall to replace phone system

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Lepanto City Council tackled a brief agenda at their monthly meeting Tuesday night.

The council approved a proposal to have Ritter Communications put in new phone system at city hall and the police station. According to City Clerk Tamara Wyatt, the current phone system is at least ten years old, and displays do not work on three of the phones. Ritter no longer supports StarPlus system used by the city, so the phones will have to be replaced.

The new phone system will cost approximately $40 more than what city is currently paying, but the phones will work better. "We're paying for phones now that don't do everything they're supposed to," Wyatt said. The proposal calls for a five year contract with Ritter.

In other business, City Attorney Noyl Houston informed the council Jancour Construction is requesting a non-jury trial in its case against the city. In April of 2011, the council voted to pay Jancour $106,654.97 for completion of the sports complex, but this did not include $34,250 Jancour asked for the 137 days of work done after the agreed upon completion date of March 17, 2010. The trial will decide whether or not Jancour is entitled to liquidated damages.

Houston recommended not opposing the request for a non-jury trial because the preparation required for a jury trial would end up costing the city two to three times more. The council went with his recommendation.

The council adopted a resolution to enter into a lease agreement to rent the Girl Scout Hut to Daniel Nooner and voted against sponsoring seat cushions for EPC basketball games. Mayor Steve Jernigan also addressed complaints about teenagers having basketball goals in the streets. He said he had talked to Police Chief Chad Henderson, and the police would be cracking down on people who have basketball goals in the street.

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