Trumann City Council talks flooding

Saturday, July 13, 2013

With the recent severe weather damages done in Poinsett County, the topic of discussion for the Trumann City Council was flooding within the town. The council heard from an alderman and a resident about the issue.

Alderman Bill Francis said he has had complaints about the flooding on the corner of Thomas and Davis Street.

"I cannot say I have a working plan for that area as of right now, but we can look into it," Mayor Sheila Walters said.

She added she would look into what can be done for the streets.

Resident Julie Tomlinson came to the council with personal concerns of flooding. Tomlinson explained to the councilmen she has lived in Trumann for years and experienced drainage issues numerous times. She lives down from the new Trumann High School.

"Since the new high school has been built, it's been even worse," Tomlinson said.

She has pursued all avenues possible to finding a solution to her flood problems. With every rain, the water gets closer to her house. She asked the councilmen to take her request for help seriously and into deep consideration.She added she is an on-call nurse to 67 patients, 24/7. The flooding has even hindered her from being able to leave her house to do her job.

"I love my home and I love Trumann," Tomlinson said. "It's only a matter of time before it gets into my home."

Mayor Walters said she has went to Tomlinson's house to find possible solutions. However, unfortunately, they will have to wait until the next rain to see where the actual drainage problem occurs.

Walters added she believes the new pond on Mulberry will help relieve flooding in many areas, possibly even Tomlinson's house.

The council also heard from Kyle Payne, the new Parks and Recreation Director for Trumann. At the June council meeting, Alderman James Baker came forth with many concerns for the Trumann Sports Complex and Fleming Fields.

Payne reported that many of those issues, including sanitary, wire-safety and plumbing, have been addressed. He said he is now working on finding new field conditioner for the fields, a new net for the Sports Complex and redoing the pitching mounds for Fleming Fields.

In other business, the council:

*voted to waive the 2013 rent fee for Arkansas State University Adult Education Building. The request was made by ASU-Newport.

*approved a Resolution for a Hazard Mitigation Plan. Walters said this is the first step for the county to redo their mitigation plan and each city within the county has done the same.

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