Irish visitors tour Lepanto

Monday, September 23, 2013

Lepanto Mayor Steve Jernigan told the council members of recent guest from Ireland. Tourists from Ireland have traveled to Dyess annually for the past five years to see the boyhood home of Johnny Cash. Lepanto citizen Mary "Minnie" Slack always assists the city of Dyess keep them entertained. In 2012 Slack asked the tour guide and trip coordinator why they didn't visit Lepanto also, saying that it had much to offer as well. The tour guide promised that he would make it a personal favor to Mary and Lepanto when he returned the following year.

Saturday, Sept. 14, the tourist returned, and the tour guide kept his promise.

"The coordinator called me Friday night from Memphis and asked if we were ready for them. I told him yes. He asked where the BBQ was going to be, and I told him in the barn, we're going to feed you in the barn. In the barn he questioned. We feed our cattle in the barn. The tourists were really worried when they arrived. After unloading a few of them walked over to the barn and threw up their hands with excitement, saying how beautiful it was. The city of Lepanto had elegantly prepared the barn as a makeshift dining area," Slack said.

There was a total of 53 visitors, most of them were small farm owners and shop keepers. "They were very much interested in agriculture," Jernigan said.

"Their plane landed in New York where they caught a bus to Charlotte. From there they rode on to Dollywood, then to Opry Land. Then they traveled down to Graceland. After seeing Elvis they bussed down here to see the painted house. We fed them then also took them to the museum. I thought it was a wonderful experience for them and for us. It just turned out perfect. The weather was perfect and we had plenty of help. The visitors really enjoyed it," said Jernigan.

Also at the meeting the council voted to enforce Arkansas State Laws regarding ATV/UTV's in city limits.

ATV/UTV's are prohibited on city streets if they are not street legal. Street legal is defined as having insurance, being registered, tagged and having turn signals. With the exception of the day of Terrapin Derby, with officers discretion and a 5pm curfew Police Officers are to issue citations to anyone caught on roadways in city limits.

Council also voted to accept the resignation of former council member Cindy Thompson. The council members voted to appoint someone to finish the term. By majority vote, Matt Carry was elected new councilman. Arrangements to have him sworn in will be made before the next monthly meeting.

Officer Chad Henderson addressed council about recent break-ins, saying that something was being done.

Ordinance for calling for a special election for the 1/2% sales tax for replacing city water and sewer lines is to be discussed at a later date.

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