Trumann Chamber of Commerce shows appreciation

Friday, October 11, 2013

During their regular monthly meeting Trumann Chamber of Commerce extended their heartfelt thanks to the generous business sponsors who contributed to Trumann's 2013 Wild Duck Festival and enhanced a very special event.

Thompson Funeral Home was responsible for donating a personalized banner to the chamber for the festival. The date on the banner is interchangeable and will be continually used in the years to come.

The Chamber sold T-shirts with the ever so popular Duck Dynasty theme. The design for the T-shirts was courtesy of David Hicks of Trumann Fire Department. To kick off sales Unico Bank bought Wild Duck T-shirts for all their employees.

Chamber members also sold raffle tickets for $1,000 cash give-away. This event is traditional with the Wild Duck Festival. The members each set a goal to try and sell 1,000 tickets each among themselves.

Fundraising is very important to the chamber; it funds the projects done in the community. The Wild Duck Festival isn't one of The Chamber's fundraisers. The goal in participating in the Wild Duck Festival is to provide activities for the community and bring in some out of town people. However the money made will be used for projects in the community.

Chamber members grilled burgers and hotdogs to sell at the festival for fundraising as well. Country Mart donated the hot dogs and sold buns to the chamber at a discounted price. Burgers were purchased through the school also at a discounted price. Sonic took part by donating hotdog trays and burger wrappers. Country Mart was also responsible for donating several lawn chairs for the members to use during the festival.

Trumann Chamber of Commerce takes pride in being able to make food purchases locally.

"The Chamber tries to do business within our community. Our mission is to promote our community through community enhancement projects and through support of our existing businesses and industries" said Barbara Lewallen Interim Dirctor Chamber.

The Chamber also wants to thank the city and all of those who volunteered to make the 31st Annual Wild Duck Festival a success.

The Chamber also takes part in "Bingo Night" which is held at the senior center Friday and Saturday night beginning at 6 P.M. Trumann Walmart donated a gift card to be used as a prize for the event and also gave discounts on items purchased to be used as prizes as well.

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