Prosecutor Rules Officer Involved Shooting Justified

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Trumann Police Lt. Gary Henry was justified in using deadly force in an incident Oct 22 involving the shooting of Jacob A. Brown of Trumann.

"After my review, I conclude that Trumann Police Lt. Gary Henry was justified in using deadly force to defend himself and Det. Jared Cook from Mr. Brown and his gun, and that no further review of this matter is necessary", said Scott Ellington, Second Judicial District Prosecutor.

The investigation was the result of an incident Oct 22 when Trumann Police Det. Jared Cook assisted Arkansas Parole/Probation Agent Skelton with home visits. While at a residence they observed an open Facebook page showing the occupant of the residence had been in contact with Jacob Brown, also of Trumann. Agent Skelton knew a fellow parole officer had been unsuccessfully attempting to locate Brown. A guest at the residence talked to Brown on speakerphone to allow officers to hear the conversation and alerted Brown that officers were looking for him. Brown said he had a 9mm gun and hung up the phone after some obscenities.

The officers went to the location in Trumann where Brown was thought to be and they were told by a citizen that Brown was running through a nearby alley. Cook alerted TPD that he and Skelton were in a foot pursuit with Brown. Lt. Gary Henry, Lt. Lenny Becker, and Det. Jerry Lindsey responded to the request for backup assistance.

Henry and Cook caught up with Brown behind a home on North Pine Street where Brown was found with a gun in his hand. The officers ordered Brown several times to drop his weapon. He responded "Give me a second! Give me a minute!" When ordered again to drop his weapon Brown brought his pistol up toward the officers. Lt. Henry fired three shots from his service weapon. When the threat to the officers was eliminated the officers began life saving measures and summoned emergency medical personnel. Brown was flown by helicopter to the MED in Memphis.

It has been determined Brown survived his injuries. His actions will be further investigated by the TPT and turned over to officials to determine whether to file charges including felon in possession of a firearm, aggravated assault, and any other appropriate charges.

According to Arkansas law deadly force by a police officer is allowed to defend himself or a third person from what he reasonably believes to be deadly force. The investigation revealed Trumann police officers were justified in their use of deadly force against Brown. No criminal charges will be filed.

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