Mills shows appreciation at 17th annual chili supper

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Poinsett County Sheriff Larry Mills welcomed a large crowd of Poinsett County residents to his 17th annual chili supper on Nov. 13. The cold weather did not keep friends and co-workers away. The tables were set up in the large corridor at the jail. Bowls of the steaming hot chili that Mills had made that day were served along with the homemade cakes made by the ladies.

"Without the support of the citizens. Without the support of family members. Without the support of the Quorum Court there is no way we can get done what needs to be done. Thank you."

Mills also recognized a long-time friend who recently returned to the area. Captain Jim Howington with Arkansas State Police attended Basic Police Academy with Mills in 1981.

Tours of the jail facilities that were built in 1995 were given. Poinsett County Jail was full with 104 prisoners. Under ideal circumstances such as the proper number of felons, women, juveniles, and prisoners awaiting transfer the jail can hold 120. The facility is divided in half by a long corridor with dispatch at the end. One side houses the courtroom which includes a jury box and deliberation room with a rest room for the comfort of jurors. There is a judge's chamber as well as a training room. Several officers at the Poinsett County facility including Mills are certified law enforcement trainers. The other side of the building houses administrative offices. Currently the PCSO employees 44 people.

According to Mills the current 911 system for Poinsett County is due for a mandated upgrade. Currently the 911 system cannot pinpoint cell phones. Land line 911 calls have a Google map pop up with a red dot on the location. For cell phones the provider has to ping the phone which gives the 911 operator a three mile radius from the tower pinged. The current system, a Vesta Pallas, has been in place for 10 years. Grants and other funds will replace this system with a Vesta Next Generation in 2014.

Mills has been working with David Carter from ATT. According to Carter Poinsett County will be better off with the new state of the art equipment. It will have plug-in upgrades instead of replacing systems.

The next morning Mills traveled to Little Rock to attend the annual Arkansas Boys Ranch banquet.

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