Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Every leader and every country in the world before us has made mistakes. Many times, it takes mistakes and in turn learning from those mistakes, and making corrections for decisions we are presently experiencing.

The Roman Empire stood for many years, but failed due to not correcting the mistakes they made in the past. The United States has stood for 237 years. There have been many mistakes made, but, in turn there have been learning processes that have changed those mistakes into great decision making by our forefathers.

Where does Poinsett County fit into the history of our country and state and have we made the correct decisions. Poinsett County is now 175 years old. When we have made mistakes, as a county, have we made those corrections that lead us in the right direction as a county? We must all realize that until the late 1800's the entire area of Poinsett County was covered in trees and brush, so there were no major decisions that had to be made.

This county, as other counties in Arkansas, have been through quite a few wars. The first real war that this state entered into was the civil war. Secondly, in major wars came World War 1. Afterwards, came the "Big War" or World War 2. The Korean Conflict and Vietnam were next on the list. All of us are aware of the conflicts that we have had since the Vietnam War. All of the Gulf Wars had their reasons for fighting. Did we learn from these situations? Probably every war had its own meanings and reasons. The decision to enter World War 2 truly had to happen and the country made the correct decision. Should we not gotten involved in that war, Hitler and the Axis Powers would have taken over the entire world.

It is so important that we learn from all wars that have been fought. We as a country and we as a county have learned from all of these wars. The most important element is that the United States is a "Free Country." So, how important is history? History must be very high on the list of important factors, when you consider a country and the direction that the country is going. We have a great country that has stood for 237 years. As a county, we must also learn from our mistakes. We have failed at times, but, have rebounded to surpass those mistakes. It is great that Poinsett County has stood for the past 175 years. Mrs. Sylvia Evens is publishing a volume 2 to our Poinsett County history. We thank her so much for all of the work that she has done for county by upgrading us with our past. Once I asked her why she worked so hard to make the book a success. Her answer was simply, "Johnny, we cannot know where we are going unless we know where we have been." I believe that Sylvia is correct.