Marked Tree and Harrisburg receive funding to improve streets

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Marked Tree and Harrisburg will both receive funding from the State Aid Street Fund to improve streets this year. Marked Tree will receive $250,000 to repave four streets. Harrisburg will also receive $250,000 to repave nine streets.

When the half-cent sales tax went into effect last year for highway projects, the state was authorized to divert one cent of the existing fuel tax to the State Aide Street Fund.

Marked Tree City Clerk said after the city missed the deadline to get funding for the 2013 round of projects, the late Mayor Wayne Nichols made sure to get a letter sent to the State Aid Street Committee applying for this year's funding as soon as possible. As a result, Marked Tree was the first city to qualify for funding for 2014.

Wright said the highway department assessed the streets Nichols recommended, and it looked like 6th, 9th, and Normandy would be among the four streets the funding will help repave.

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