Trumann to fix roads with grant

Saturday, April 5, 2014

After a winter filled with ice, local road conditions have worsened in Trumann; however, the city was recently granted $250,000 for road repair.

Trumann Mayor Sheila Walters said the Trumann Street Department has been as proactive as possible with a roller taking care of minor areas around the city such as potholes and small spots in roads. However, there are still areas in town that cannot be adequately fixed by only the street department.

"The street department crew is working on doing everything they can do on their own done soon," Walters said. "For everything remaining, we will have to wait for the grant to be activated."

Walters said the $250,000 would cover approximately a mile and a half of asphalt. An assessment on the roads was done before the ice storm, but a new assessment is needed to continue to move forward with the project. Although Walters hopes to see the issue addressed soon, she said the procedure could take a while before roads are better.

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