Trumann Police Department working on accreditation

Monday, September 15, 2014

Trumann Police Chief Chad Henson is currently working on getting the Trumann Police Department accredited through the Arkansas Law Enforcement Accreditation Program. He released the following statement this week regarding the process:

"In the past 16 months I have been working on a new program and I have been part of a state committee that will begin an accreditation body for Arkansas Law Enforcement. Arkansas Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (ALEAP) will essentially attempt to put all Arkansas Law Enforcement agencies on the same sheet of music.

"As with any accreditation program this one sets standards for which the agency must meet and maintain yearly. These standards, such as having multiple fail safe locks within the evidence room and yearly reports for Use of Force incidents, must be met and inspected by an outside assessor from another part of the state. Out of the 162 standards that I helped write, Trumann Police Department will attempt to be the second city in the state, only behind Hot Springs, to meet these standards.

"There are only 9 cities in Arkansas that are nationally accredited, The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Accreditation (CALEA) offers 450 standards and they set an extremely high bar to achieve. The closest agency to Trumann with this accreditation is Jonesboro.

"What can this accreditation mean to Trumann? The committee and I are in negotiations with Arkansas Municipal League (ARML) in an effort to lower the agencies liability insurance. Most states that have some form of accreditation for law enforcement receive a discount for being accredited since they have met and maintained these strict polices and standards. It is our goal that when we secure a deal with ARML we will reach out to other insurance and risk management groups that insure cities to secure the same deal.

"Accreditation for Trumann Police Department also makes us more transparent, open, educated, and efficient. When these standards are followed, they help reduce and/or eliminate high-risk procedures for which a department faces. These strict standards must be maintained for three years, after which the department has to be re-accredited. Again, another assessing team from another part of the state will come in and audit the department to observe compliance.

"It is my goal and current mission in my life to make Trumann Police Department the 'tip-of-the-spear' with respects to law enforcement agencies in this state. I hold myself, my officers, my employees, and my department to high standards. Now we are about to put it on paper and prove it."

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