Trumann Police patrols to increase during holidays

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Trumann Police Chief Chad Henson announced recently that police patrols are being tripled on second and third shifts due to a recent rash of burglaries.

"Special units from the day shift will move to the night shifts for the next several weeks. Citizens will see a lot more police cars and uniforms, including foot patrol, especially at night," Chief Henson said.

At a recent Trumann Lions Club meeting, Chief Henson spoke briefly about the thefts. He said there were 12-15 individuals who have been arrested in the past for burglaries, and they are all out of jail now. He said the police are familiar with their mode of operation, which is to only go for things that are unlocked or unsecured.

Chief Henson said police cannot prevent crime, they can only deter, but he added that people can protect themselves from theft by making sure they don't leave unsecured items outside and by making sure they lock their vehicles. "Their M.O.s are not breaking windows. They're going after unlocked vehicles," Chief Henson said.

Another way burglars gain entry to a house without forcing entry is using the garage door opener on OnStar in an unlocked car.

"We ask that citizens help the police by securing your valuables, locking up, and taking valuables out of your car," he said.

Chief Henson also emphasized the importance of filing a police report if a theft does occur. "We can't catch these guys if you don't file a report. Tell people you know to file a report if they've been robbed. If you see anybody on the streets at night who is not supposed to be there, please call us," he said.

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