Mayor Mills continues work on comprehensive plan

Thursday, January 8, 2015

After being re-elected in the 2014 November election, Harrisburg Mayor Randy Mills plans to continue the lengthy process of forming a long-term comprehensive plan for the city. Long-term comprehensive plans include projected population and economic growth, which helps cities better prepare for the present and future.

"It's a very long process that we are about halfway through," Mills said.

Among his goal to complete the plan, Mills also hopes to see growth in population and business in the city. One of Harrisburg's economic development strategies is to provide grants to businesses each year. Mills said the grants help existing businesses with external modernizations, which in turn make the city more appealing for growth.

The mayor said their work has been successful as Harrisburg is one of only two cities in Poinsett County that has grown in population in recent years.

"I appreciate the community. With this being my second term, voters knew what they were getting when they voted for me, so I feel confident that I have support in how I am doing things," Mills said. "My door is always open to the public for comments or criticism. I am proud of our community, and I want them to be proud of it, as well."

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