Sewer cleaner and railroad repairs among business handled at Marked Tree Council

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Marked Tree City Council took care of a short list of business items during their first meeting of the new year Monday night.

Among those items, the council approved entering into a lease-purchase agreement with Henard Utility Products to purchase a 600 gallon high pressure sewer cleaner. The sewer cleaner costs $57,089. The city will lease-to-own the equipment and will make $1,700 monthly payments with the option of making higher payments toward the end of the year if it can be afforded. According to Director of Public Works Wayne Hendrix, the city's current sewer cleaner is a 1992 model in need of repairs totaling around $30,000.

In other business, the council also passed an ordinance accepting a bid to do track repairs to the rail spur located next to Snyder Crown. The track has been shut down since a train derailed. The estimate for the repairs totals $11,108.

In an update on the contract with Joey McCorkle, who plans to use the Awesome Products rail spur for a future grain shipping business, Mayor Mary Ann Arnold informed the council the city has received a letter from Awesome Products President L.D. Hardas agreeing to McCorkle Farms Investments' use of the relevant portion of the spur. The notarized letter was the last thing Mayor Arnold was waiting for before signing the contract with McCorkle.

Mayor Arnold also announced that the city's sports director, Tyler Herring, has been promoted to Head Softball Coach at Williams Baptist College and will have to step down from the sports director position. Herring agreed to help the city look for a replacement. At the council's request, Mayor Arnold said she would see if any of the coaches at the school were interested in the position. The sports director is responsible for summer activities at the sports complex and is in charge of organizing tournaments for the city to host.

The council also approved the proposed 2015 budget with a three percent raise for full-time employees.

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