Awards presented at council meeting

Saturday, April 18, 2015
Scotty Jones was named Northeast District AWW&WEA Manager of the Year for his service in the city of Trumann as Public Works Director. Mayor Barbara Lewallen presented him with the award. (DT Photo/Belina Santos)

Several awards were presented at the Trumann City Council meeting on Tuesday, April 14.

Public Works Director Scotty Jones was the first awarded with the Northeast District AWW&WEA Manager of the Year Award.

"He was nominated by the Arkansas Department of Health and chosen by the American Water Works and Environmental Association for outstanding performance as a water system treatment and distribution manager for the city of Trumann," Mayor Barbara Lewallen said. "That makes us all proud of that department and proud of our public works director."

Jones reported during clean-up week in March, 80 tons of waste was disposed. A few aldermen said they had calls praising the department for their promptness and efficiency in removing the large items of waste disposed at the curb-side throughout the week.

Police Chief Chad Henson also had awards to hand out to six policemen at the council meeting for outstanding performance on the job.

"There some occasions throughout the year where you see an officer perform above and beyond, and they will be commended for that," Henson said.

He presented the Unit Teamwork Achievement Award to Jonathon Skaggs, Eddy Weems, and Nathan Threlkeld, all third shift officers.

"From 2013-2014, our burglaries were reduced by 40%, and our larcenies were reduced by 30.8%," Henson said. "I hold these three people specifically responsible for those numbers."

Furthermore, Henson awarded Chad Mason, Logan Thomas, and Jared Cook with the Unit Teamwork Achievement Award.

"They are being recognized based on the 2013-2014 stats showed that our drug arrests went up 10%. Our drug equipment arrests went up by 50%," Henson said. "That's by these officers going out and doing their job."

He added that an award program is in the works for the department to present commendations to officers.

In other business, Fire Chief Earnie Link approached the council with an ordinance to purchase a 2009 Chevrolet Rescue Truck with a price of $100,000. The current rescue truck used by the department is 37 years old and parts to fix the vehicle are no longer available.

In addition to age, the current truck has several other problems with four main issues. Link said the truck has no seatbelt, a non-rated fire pump, leaking front brake cylinders, and it does not meet current safety standards.

The council approved the ordinance waiving competitive bidding for the purchase of the 2009 Chevrolet Rescue Truck.

The new truck has seat belts, an aluminum body, roll-up doors, LED flashers, a new fire pump, and a 500 gallon poly booster tank. Link was thankful to the council for allowing the purchase of the new truck, as it will be beneficial to the city, department, and residents.

In other business, the council:

*heard from Trumann resident Stacy Webb, who requested to plant flowers in the park near Betty Street. Public Works Director Scotty Jones said he would meet with her to designate an area of the park where she can plant and take care of flowers.

*passed a resolution designating the Trumann Police Department as the official responsible for the collection of fines assessed in district court for the city of Trumann. Mayor Lewallen said there exists a resolution designating the department as the fine collectors. This resolution was just an updated version.

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