Tyronza council increases fees for new water connections

Sunday, October 18, 2015

During Tuesday night's meeting, the Tyronza City Council looked at increasing water tap fees, which have remained static for longer than anyone remembers.

Mayor Charles Glover told the council that a new water connection had been put in recently, and the expenses of the work were far greater than the fee itself. The current fee for putting in a new water meter and tapping into an existing water line is $125. Mayor Glover said that fee was decided on so long ago, they could not find where it had been passed in older city council minutes. The cost of the equipment alone now, not including labor, is $421 for a one inch tap.

Mayor Glover proposed new fees of $300 for a three-quarter inch tap and $475 for a one inch tap. The fee for taps larger than one inch would be determined at the time of connection based on the cost of parts, as these are rare. "I don't want to make money on it. I just want to recoup expenses," Mayor Glover said. The council approved an ordinance detailing the new fees along with an emergency clause, putting them into effect immediately.

The council also approved allowing an Alcoholics Anonymous group to use the old library as a meeting place. Mayor Glover said there is not currently an AA group meeting in Poinsett County. "I think it's needed in our part of the world," Glover said.

Police Chief Tony Turner gave the council an update on police equipment purchased with grant money. He said dash cameras are being installed on the police vehicles. A cage, gun rack, and radar are also being installed in the Crown Victoria. And he purchased flashlights, which were badly needed. All the equipment should be installed by the first of next week at the latest.

The council approved the body/mic cam policies presented by Chief Turner and discussed drainage on the east side of town. Mayor Glover said County Judge Bob Cantrell will furnish the city with a culvert which they are hoping to install next week to help with drainage.

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