Rezoning measure fails at Tyronza City Council

Friday, March 11, 2016

An attempt to rezone a piece of property at the end of Mullins Street failed during the Tyronza City Council's meeting Tuesday night.

The property owner requested the property be rezoned from R-1 (single family dwellings) to R-2 (multi-family dwellings) so a duplex could be put on the property. She said there was enough land for two single units but was trying to save money by hooking them together instead. In the end, a motion to rezone the property failed with two voting for, two voting against, and two abstaining.

The council did approve the purchase of a used police from the Marked Tree Police Department. Marked Tree recently purchased four new police cars and is selling a 2011 Crown Victoria for $2,000. The car comes with light bars and all the equipment. All the department would have to do is put a radio in.

"For that price, it would be a good thing to think about," Police Chief Tony Turner said. Turner told the council the main reasons he recommended purchasing the car would be to have a backup when one of their primary vehicles goes down and to help keep mileage down on their current cars.

The city just got $5,000 in the ambulance fund, and the council approved using money from that fund for the purchase.

In announcements, Chief Turner wanted to inform everyone that Tyronza, Lepanto, and Marked Tree Police Departments, along with Riverside Ambulance and the Sheriff's office, will be participating in an active shooter training on Wednesday, March 30, at EPC School. He said they would be at both the Tyronza and Lepanto campuses but wasn't sure yet which would be first. He wants everyone to know ahead of time that when they see the police at the school that day, it is for this purpose. "Please let people know that day is strictly training," he said.

Mayor Charles Glover announced the city's Upscale Yard Sale will be held Saturday, April 2. Behind the school, 10x10 booths will be set up and available for $10, or people in town can have their yard sales included on the map for $10. The city will also be selling food and drinks with proceeds going toward the Stars and Stripes festival. Mayor Glover said for anything that doesn't get sold during the sale, the city will be happy to pick up and sell in the auction.

The auction will be Saturday, April 9. Dinner starts at 5 p.m. with the auction beginning at 6 p.m. Glover also said this year's Stars and Stripes will have some new features including a video game truck, laser tag, and bubble soccer.

The citywide cleanup will be May 20-26.

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