Trumann sales tax passes

Friday, September 16, 2016

The proposed one cent sales tax for Trumann passed Tuesday by a close margin. According to unofficial results from County Clerk Teresa Rouse's office, the tax passed 376-312.

The tax is to be used as a revenue stream for several city improvements which are part of a long range plan for Trumann. Chief among those improvements is the development of a new well to replace the city's main well, which was developed in 1951. That well has had several problems recently and is producing a lot of iron and discolored water. "We have a priority list of projects to improve infrastructure, services, and quality of life," Mayor Barbara Lewallen said. "The important priority is the development of a new water source." Next on the priority list are wastewater system improvements, including sewer line replacement, repairs, and upgrades.

"We're extremely grateful to voters for helping us start this process," Lewallen said. She said she wanted to be transparent and let people know what is going on as it is happening, adding that she wanted voters to understand that generating the tax and making the improvements is a lengthy process.

"These improvements are for all the community, not just one part. Our consideration is to be fair and take in the needs of the whole city, not just one part," Lewallen said.

Lewallen is also hopeful that the improvements can improve Trumann's image. "I want to say--and I really mean this--we're excited about our potential for growth and improvements," Lewallen said. "We want our community to have a top-rated image. Trumann has fought an unjust image for years. We want to eliminate that image and show what Trumann is really like with its people, its amenities, and its potential for growth."

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