Man in clown mask arrested for harassment and drugs

Friday, September 30, 2016

A Trumann man driving around wearing a stolen clown mask was arrested Sunday night after harassing gas station employees.

According to the Trumann Police Department, Scott Wilson, 52, was arrested after police were called out to the Murphy USA gas station at 510 Industrial around 11:30 p.m. on Sept. 26 in reference to a sales clerk who said a man dressed as a clown was sitting outside her kiosk.

The clerk later told police the man "just sat and shook his head while staring at her." According to the police report, "it had her very scared due to all of the recent reports from around the county of people dressed as clowns armed with weapons taunting people. The suspect left the gas station before police could get there, but they found the suspect's truck driving in the parking lot of the Flash Market Citgo nearby. Officer Justin Hooten said in the report that he noticed the driver of the truck was wearing a clown mask, which he quickly snatched off when he noticed the officer driving behind him.

Wilson was pulled over, and Hooten said he noticed Wilson fidgeting with something between the seats. Hooten described the mask as "a very scary looking clown mask that was made out of latex and orange nylon hair. The mask had large teeth fashioned on it and a very creepy smile." During the course of questioning Wilson, police learned the mask had been stolen from Walmart and that Wilson had "wanted to see what it looked like to drive around with the mask on."

Police searched Wilson's truck and found several aluminum foil boats containing an off-white substance believed to be methamphetamine and a white plastic hollowed out pen body commonly used to ingest methamphetamine. A Walmart employee later confirmed to police that surveillance footage showed Wilson had shoplifted the mask.

Wilson was charged with shoplifting, disorderly conduct, harassment, possession of a schedule I controlled substance (less than two grams), and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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