Trumann City Council approves purchase of new fire truck

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Trumann City Council voted unanimously to purchase a new fire truck for the Trumann Fire Department Tuesday night.

The new fire truck will be specially made for the needs of the city, with space for medical items to be carried, as the department answers several medical calls yearly. Trumann Fire Chief Revis Kemper is excited about the new truck. "We really needed a new truck, and this pumper truck will replace one that has been in service for many years," Kemper said. "This new truck will be the number one truck, as we will keep the old pumper truck in the rotation also."

Kemper told the group that he has a 15 year plan, with this truck being phase one. "When we have this truck paid for in five years, we will then look to purchase a new ladder truck to replace the one that will be 50 years old at the time. After we pay that one off we will probably need a new pumper again, as it will be 15 years old," Kemper said. The price of the new truck is not to exceed $611,804.97. The truck should be delivered in late November with first payment due in January of 2018.

In other business, an ordinance was passed to amend the personnel policy pertaining to definition of a full-time employee, the provision of health benefits, pay for unused sick leave upon retirement or death for the police and fire departments, family medical leave, and sick leave for firefighters. An ordinance was passed to adopt the 2017 municipal budget as houses at 520 West Main, 304 Park Street, and 320 Pine Street were voted to be taken down by the council. The house at 124 Campbell is in the hands of the court to decide what is to be done.

Heather Carter was voted onto the Parks and Recreation Board as she had met all requirements to become a board member. Cecilia Parker was also approved for a seven year term on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The council also heard reports from each department in the city.

Police Chief Chad Henson said the jail at Trumann has been closed and that future inmates will be housed at the Poinsett County jail. "Changes were needed for housing of inmates that would have put a financial burden on the city, along with hiring of three new jailers. There will be an increase in fees to the department due to transportation of inmates and for housing at the jail," Henson said.

Public Works Director Scotty Jones told the members that a survey was being done for street lights around the city, and Director of Economic Development Neal Vickers thanked the city for the work done on the west side of Interstate 555 and said he's looking forward to new businesses coming to that area. Vickers also told the group that the six-year plan to get the wash-out fixed on the St. Francis River is one step away. "We are excited to get this finished and proceed with plans of a water trail, tours, and possibly a hotel out by the river. We have a great opportunity to attract tourists to that area," Vickers said.

Mayor Barbara Lewallen gave a brief update on business for the city. She told the group that the new Dollar General is going well, located by the post office. She also said the land next to the new store has been bought, and a new fitness center is going to be built there. Lewallen told the group at the December meeting that the strip mall on the south end of town was in the process of being purchased, but that deal had fell through.

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