Quorum court hears about Citizen Participation Plan

Friday, April 14, 2017

The Poinsett County Quorum Court held their weekly meeting this past Monday at the Annex Building in Harrisburg.

Hannah Barnett with Crowley's Ridge Development Center was the first new business on the agenda. Barnett talked to the group about the Center for Non-Profit and Small Town Support that was established back in October of last year. Barnett said the center handles grant writing, HR accounting, and IT services. "We want to build capacity and help to take the time off our customers for the research and writing of grants," Barnett said. Barnett told the court that the fees for the service is $250 a month and $35 per hour when the grant writing process started. "I do all the research. I find the grants and present them to the customer. Once it's decided to apply for the grant, I start the writing. Grants take from four to six hours to write," Barnett said. Barnett also told the group that most small towns and counties have to have a Citizen Participation Plan for some grants.

Barnett said grants can be for various things including streets, fairgrounds, bridges and police/sheriff departments. Her services will be for Poinsett County. "We have about a 70 percent success rate in obtaining approval for the grants we have applied for," Barnett said. Barnett was asked if grants are drying up. "I've done them for a year, but my colleague who has done this for 15 years has never mentioned that they are," Barnett said. The court decided to look over the information that was left before making a decision.

Also in new business, the court approved removing a 1978 Grove Crane, Model TMS300, from their insurance and inventory list. "We've paid insurance on this for years, and it was only used two or three times," Cantrell said. The court voted to remove the crane from the insurance and inventory list. Teresa Rouse asked permission from the justices to purchase a new copier for her office. "We paid $200 for them to look at it and were told it would be $600 for parts to keep it running. We can buy a new copier for $2,995 plus tax, and I have the funds to purchase it. The copier we have now was bought in 2005," Rouse said. The court approved the purchase.

Judge Cantrell told the court that new cabinets for the detention center are in the process of being made. The cabinets will be made of metal, which will handle the daily wear better. Also, bids are coming in for the new chiller for the center. "The lowest bid as of now is $109,557 to replace the chiller. We will have a five year warranty on the compressors," Cantrell said. Cantrell said the chiller that is there now cost $266,000 when the center was built. "This will help us get the center back up to jail standards," Cantrell said.

Sheriff Kevin Molder told the group that a memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. on Sunday, April 23, at the detention center to mark the 20 year anniversary of Deputy Jim Harper being killed in the line of duty. Molder also said that Deputy E.C. O'Brien, who was seriously injured that same night, will be honored too.

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