Lepanto water line replacement nearly finished

Friday, April 21, 2017

The replacement of the Lepanto's water lines is almost complete, Mayor Dale Dunlap told the city council Tuesday night. The Water Department began flushing the water system Wednesday, April 19, which the mayor said is the final part of the project. It should take a week to flush the system. During this week, the water may appear rusty at times, but once the system is flushed, the project will be complete. The mayor asked those present to spread the word.

The project replaced 13,000 feet of corroded, galvanized pipe that was around 80 years old. The bid to replace the water lines with PVC pipe was originally approved by the city council in November of 2014.

The mayor also gave an update on the park on the south side of town. He said they now have lights in the restrooms, and the swing set has been repaired. Dunlap said there are still a few more things to do like putting guard rails on the slide and getting a water fountain out there.

The council approved a resolution to use state aid money to resurface city streets and approved a resolution declaring May as National Historic Preservation Month and Arkansas Heritage Month.

In other business, Mayor Dunlap said he had been approached by a citizen about an organization that sponsors and builds animal shelters at no cost to the city. He said there is a waiting period of about a year, the company takes care of all the costs of construction, and the city would then maintain it. He asked the council to think about it.

Lepanto is also doing their annual Spring cleanup on Monday and Tuesday, May 8-9. All items should be placed curbside for pickup by 7 a.m. on May 8. The city will not accept dead animals, chemicals, medical waste, wood, trees, hazardous materials, concrete, paint, oil, or tires.

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