Trumann Council approves ordinance to regulate tobacco products

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Trumann City Council got a two-thirds vote to approve an ordinance to regulate the use of tobacco products on city-owned properties. Eight "yes" votes were cast with one "no" vote and one councilman being absent.

The council had to first table the old ordinance that was due for its second reading to allow for the new ordinance to introduced. The new ordinance will regulate tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, e-cigars, e-pipes, vape pens, e-hookahs and smokeless tobacco on city owned properties. The list included any enclosed area plus the baseball field at Fleming Field, Trumann Sports Complex, TRC Building, baseball and softball fields, and splash pad. Cedar Park ball field, all enclosed areas in city parks at North Side, Betty Street, Cash Street, Ozark, Cedar Park, and the sports complex. City-owned buildings and city-owned vehicles are also included. The council waived the rules and had the ordinance read by title only for the second and third time before passing. They also had the emergency clause read and approved.

Also approved during the meeting was a resolution to condemn a house at 540 Monroe Street. The house has burned and the owner is serving a prison term and cannot make or get the repairs done to the house. Robin Maxwell, youth pastor at Trumann First Assembly of God, asked the council for permission to do a bucket brigade with the youth group to raise funds for their mission goal. As of now, Make-a-Wish and the Red Cross are the only two that do this once a year. Concern was voiced that if one is allowed, then everyone will have the right to do so. Councilman Brett Parker suggested that a committee be set up to discuss this and it be revisited at the June meeting. All were in agreement on this. The council were also given the audit report for 2016 on the water and sewer. Mayor Barbara Lewallen said there were no major issues with the audit.

The council heard department reports at the beginning of the meeting as Fire Chief Revis Kemper told the council that an $11,000 grant has been received to help purchase a washer and extractor. The city will pay for difference of the $18,000 total for the equipment. This will be used to wash the turnouts that the firemen use to get the carcinogens out. The extractor is used to dry the turnouts and can also dry the hoses that are used. "Right now, we have to lay all this outside on a sunny day to get them dry. It will save valuable time for the department," Kemper said. Kemper also said the ladder truck failed inspection and was sent to have over $7,000 in repairs to get it back in order with Engine No. 2 being sent to Memphis for repairs. Public Works Director Scotty Jones was on his way back to Trumann from a meeting, so Mayor Lewallen gave the update for him. Work on the water tower in Industrial Park is set to begin, and bids have been opened for the new raw water well. The house at 520 West Main is set to be taken down next week by the city workers. The sports complex has had tournaments the last four weekends, as it's their busy time of the year. Some damage was reported at the complex from the storm and will be taken care. There also is a need for umpires if any are interested in helping.

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