Lepanto Council talks water project, street resurfacing, and dogs

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Lepanto Mayor Dale Dunlap told the city council Tuesday night that the project to replace the city's water lines was complete, and many council members agreed they had seen an improvement in the water quality. With the remainder of the money left over from the water line replacement, Dunlap said the city is planning to have some repairs to sewer lines made. Dunlap said the sewer lines had collapsed in a couple places. That project is currently in the bidding process.

Regarding State Aid Street money from the highway department, Lepanto is getting $250,000 worth of street resurfacing done. Dunlap said the streets the highway department would resurface included McClellan, Alexander, Oak, Ash, and Thomas. He said there was no definite date on that work, but it should begin shortly.

A resident was on the agenda to talk to the council about pit bulls, but did not attend the meeting, so the mayor asked the council how they felt about the dogs. The city does have a vicious dogs ordinance that indicates dogs must be kept in a pen or be on a leash when they are outside, and the mayor said part of the problem is people letting their dogs out without a leash or dogs escaping from their pens. Alderman Charles Mahan said one lady's pit bull had bitten him and two other people, and he had told the owner she had to get rid of it. He also said the city had also picked up two pit bulls the night before. Alderman Sarah Case said there were too many dogs running loose throughout the city and expressed frustration with how the ordinance was being enforced.

In other business, Dunlap said a project to fix the drainage on Sycamore, Miles, and Eason Streets would be accomplished over the next two to three weeks.

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