Tyronza Council talk digital radios

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Discussion at Monday night's Tyronza City Council meeting turned to digital radios as Alderman Tyler Permenter pointed out that they are the last city in the tri-city area that haven't gone digital yet.

Because Tyronza's radios are not digital, they have trouble communicating with fire and police departments in nearby cities. Apparently, when Tyronza's police chief needs to communicate with Marked Tree police, his messages have to be relayed through dispatch, and speaking from the fire department side of things, Permenter said, "Right now, we can't talk with Marked Tree at all."

Several ideas were floated around for outfitting the police, fire, and possibly water department with digital radios, but for the time being, Permenter said finding a way to get a portable digital radio for the police needed to be a priority. Mayor Charles Glover said he would look into prices for portables.

The council approved a resolution accepting $250,000 in State Street Aid money from the highway department for resurfacing streets. Glover said the highway department was putting out bids on May 31 and would be grouping Tyronza with Lepanto and Black Oak in the bid. Glover added that if they want additional paving done, they can ask the contractor about it, and the city will pay for that portion. One area he mentioned they might look at is paving the parking lot at the city park.

Glover informed the council the city has hired a part-time police officer, Clint Hawkins, who works another job in Marked Tree and lives in Tyronza. Hawkins is currently taking training, and Glover said Police Chief B.J. Carter is one of his trainers. "He will be a good candidate for us, and I'm excited he lives here," Glover said. Glover said when Hawkins starts, he will mainly be working weekends.

In other business, the council:

*reviewed the water audit report.

*heard an update from Mayor Glover on the Verizon tower, which he said seemed like it was moving forward again.

*discussed cleaning ditches to help with flooding issues.

*discussed moving railing at the senior center to the ramp.

*discussed ambulance billing.

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