Marked Tree Council discusses property cleanup and drainage

Monday, June 19, 2017

Property cleanup and drainage were among the main items discussed at Monday's Marked Tree City Council meeting.

The first property the council discussed was a house at 607 Home Street. The house had been condemned in the past, but the council passed a new resolution condemning it to be in line with the new condemnation ordinance passed recently. After approving the resolution, the council looked at several bids to demolish the house and clean up the property. A motion was approved to go with J.C. Landscaping's bid only if it includes taking out the slab too. If it doesn't and the new bid is higher than one from Billy Smith Construction that includes everything, the city will go with Billy Smith Construction's bid.

Next, the council turned to a burned out house at 209 Broadway Street. The outstanding taxes on the property--along with fees, penalty, and interest--come to $1,476.83. Mayor Mary Ann Arnold encouraged the council to approve paying the taxes and getting the property cleaned up, and Alderman Mack Rhoads suggested it might be possible to talk to the Commissioner of State Lands about lowering or waiving the fees. After much discussion, the council approved paying the taxes and cleaning up the property. Billy Smith Construction had also made a bid of $3,500 to clean up both the house and Hale's half acre, but during discussion many on the council wanted the bid split. City Clerk Pam Wright said she could get the bid split up and bring it back next month.

Regarding drainage, Director of Public Works Wayne Hendrix said he had talked with an engineer about clearing culverts. He asked the council where they wanted to start. After discussion, the council agreed drainage work should start with Savannah Parr Street, 12th Street, 6th Street, Sneed Street, and Normandy Street.

Mayor Arnold also gave an update on the park grant the city is applying for. Right now they are looking at applying to use the grant for both city parks for a pavilion, playground equipment, netting for the ball park, and backboards. The grant is 50/50, and the city will have to have three public hearings to get input before the council votes to apply. The grant application must be submitted by Aug. 23.

In other business, the council:

*heard from Sheila Harston about properties not being mowed.

*approved an airport grant of $150.

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