Tyronza moving forward on Verizon tower

Monday, June 19, 2017

The city of Tyronza is finally moving closer to getting a Verizon tower. Verizon plans to install an antenna on the water tower, and the city council approved a resolution Tuesday night to enter into a site access agreement with Verizon to allow them to go in and do the work.

The council approved the agreement so long as some changes are made to the indemnity provision, which City Attorney Noyl Houston suggested. Houston also suggested a change that would require Verizon to give notice when they access the site just to verify who they are when they do the work. Mayor Charles Glover said the agreement was not a final contract, but they are moving closer to getting the antenna installed.

The council also received a copy of a proposed ordinance regarding the city picking up limbs. Alderman Michael Hood suggested charging $50 for a full truck load and not charging a fee for anything less. Mayor Glover suggested council members review the ordinance and come up with any other changes they want by the next meeting. He also said he would talk to the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) about getting a designated area to take the limbs to for burning. If the ordinance passes, the city will start picking up limbs on the last week of the month.

Regarding digital radios, Police Chief B.J. Carter upgraded his radio from analog to digital, so he is now able to contact Marked Tree and Lepanto on his radio. Mayor Glover said he was also able to talk to the other Tyronza radios, which surprised everyone. It turned out Carter's radio is analog/digital, so Mayor Glover suggested the city may not have to convert all its radios to digital yet. He suggested the possibility of getting one or two analog/digital radios for the fire department and maybe one more for the police while holding off on converting the water department's radios and the rest of the fire department's for the time being. He said the radios cost $600 apiece, and it would cost $22,000 to replace them all at once.

Alderman Tyler Permenter said he thought they should replace all the radios across the board since analog technology is becoming obsolete, and Carter noted that if something happens to the city's repeater, they cannot repair it because they can't get parts anymore. In that case, the city would have to either work off Marked Tree's repeater or go digital. Other council members agreed with the mayor about replacing the radios slowly over time.

Regarding the street aid grant, Mayor Glover said the engineers had to refigure their estimate due to Tyronza's soil types, which require putting down more base. As a result, Glover said they may have to drop Ritter Street and Walnut Street from the proposal, depending on asphalt prices. The highway department will open bids on the project in July and are looking at doing the work in September. Glover said the city can reapply for the grant in 2018 to finish up the streets that need resurfacing.

Mayor Glover said the post office is open again, but he is not sure when the temporary trailer will be removed from out front. Police Chief Carter also said he was working on some leads on several vehicle break-ins. He encouraged people to make sure their vehicles were locked as all of the break-ins were on unlocked vehicles.

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