Quorum court declares vacancy for constable

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Poinsett County Quorum Court had a short agenda for their July meeting Monday night at the Courthouse Annex Building in Harrisburg.

Poinsett County Judge Bob Cantrell opened the meeting with a moment of silence for the family of Justice Gary Anderson, who passed away last week, before saying a prayer for the Anderson family. After the prayer, roll was called with all remaining justices present. The minutes and financial report were then approved.

A resolution was read that declared a vacancy in the West Prairie Township due to Constable Walter B. Norris resigning effective June 26 due to health reasons. The court has requested that Governor Asa Hutchinson appoint a new person to fill the position. Poinsett County Sheriff Kevin Molder requested that Chris Holt be recommended for this position. The court agreed, and Cantrell said he would pass along that information to the governor.

Also in new business, Poinsett County Assessor John Hutchison asked the court for $4,000 to help with postage for over 12,000 pieces of mail that his office has to have out by Friday. Hutchison said these parcels are state-mandated to be mailed out. The justices agreed to have the funds given to the assessor's office.

The court also heard and approved the reading of an appropriations and transfers ordinance appropriating $179,062.50 to pay various bills.

In other business, the court approved to let Sheriff Molder use $9,449.49 out of the Collector's Automation Fund to purchase mini-splitters for heat and air to be used in the Collector's Office. The justices also gave Judge Cantrell the okay to start inquiring about putting an elevator in the courthouse to help those who need it to get to the second floor.

Judge Cantrell also told the court that an $81,813 grant has come in to fix the top of the courthouse to keep the water from coming in during heavy rain falls. Cantrell told the court that work inside the courthouse and inside the detention center is going well. "We hope to get the courthouse where it needs to be and also have it ready to celebrate its 100th anniversary next year," Cantrell said.

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