NEA Fishing Report

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The slow drain of Lake Poinsett has started this week. Fishing will be allowed as long as there is fish to be caught. Minnows, worms and crickets have been selling good as word of bream and crappie fishing is really good and probably will continue to get better as the lake gets lower. There is a demand for goldfish. There are some nice catfish out there to be caught.

Crown Lake reports the water level has ranged from high to normal. Water is clear. Catfish are bringing the best reports, with the catch being excellent on worms, blood bait, stink bait, shad and nightcrawlers. Bass fishing is good early in the day and late in the evening on spinnerbaits and crankbaits. Bream are good on worms or crickets. Crappie reports were poor.

Spring River says water levels are running at 424 cfs (350 is normal) and water clarity has been partly clear. Water levels are lower for easier wading but care should be taken because of very slick rocks in the stream bottom. A wading staff is a great tool for easier wading. The trout have been biting great on bead-head Woolies in olive and black. Snails and Y2Ks have been some personal favorites over the last week. For spin fishers, Trout Magnets in hot pink and white are working great. Smallmouth and bluegill also love the hot pink color. Super Glue the bodies on a Trout Magnet the night before to help keep the body from sliding down. A typical setup with a Trout Magnet is tying it on with a small split shot placed 8 inches above and a Trout Magnet float set the depth of the water to keep the Trout Magnet just above the bottom. When the float disappears, set the hook and enjoy. Most trout will be hooked in the upper lip for easy removal. Sore lip them all. Reports out of Cotter say the Spring River is off-color. This is a great place to wade fish, when they are running water on the White and Norfork rivers. Canoe season is on and there are many boats on the river. Be sure to wear cleated boots and carry a wading staff. There is a lot of bedrock that can get very slick. The hot flies have been olive Woolly Buggers with a bit of flash (size 10), cerise and hot pink San Juan worms (size 10) and Y2Ks (size 10).

White River reports mostly slow fishing during the past week. The water is clear and is at a normal level. No surface temperature was recorded. Bream are fair on worms and crickets. Bass are fair on spinnerbaits and crankbaits. No reports on crappie. No report on catfish. Nothing to report on walleye.

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