Marked Tree Council moves toward condemning burned out trailer

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Marked Tree City Council took a step toward the process of condemnation on a property that burned last October.

During discussion of cleanup of a property at 209 Broadway where the council approved paying Poinsett County Abstract Company $150 for researching the property, Alderman Mack Rhoads asked about the property at 126 Brigance, a trailer that burned last year. City Attorney Jobi Teague said that in the council's March meeting, there was question over whether the property was in probate, but he said Tom Rhoads had recently told him that, to her knowledge, there was no probate. Tom Rhoads also addressed the council and said since the owner is deceased and no heirs are taking care of the property, the city can run a public notice for two weeks in the paper to see if anyone has interest in the property. If not, the city can then move forward on condemnation. "Let's get this thing moved and cleared out," Rhoads said. "Give the city attorney power to publish the notice twice, and get on with it. We as citizens are tired of living next to a burned out trailer."

The council approved allowing Teague to do the legal work needed to get work done on the property. Teague said he will check on the probate, then proceed with the public notice. After the notice runs, they can then start the condemnation process.

The council also approved three resolutions condemning properties at the corner of Wylie and Louis Street, 115 Railroad Street, and 119 Railroad Street.

The council also discussed sanitation pickup. Mayor Mary Ann Arnold said in the past, the city picked up limbs the first week of the month and household goods the second week of the month, but after a motion made by the council, the city is now constantly picking up every day and is having trouble getting other things, like mowing, done. "We are spinning our wheels," Mayor Arnold said. "We would like to go back, it is imperative we go back to the routine we had before."

After some discussion, the idea of a doing a mail-out telling people to only put stuff out for pickup at the first of the month was brought up. City Clerk Pam Wright said she wanted the council to approve--and support--a mail-out before one is sent out. The council will look at a mail-out at the next meeting for approval.

The council approved a resolution to enter into an equipment lease-purchase agreement for a sanitation truck, a 2018 freightliner with Heil 5000-25 rear loader body, for $181,175.88, as well as a resolution revising the 2016 inventory to remove the fire department's old jaws of life cutter.

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