Trumann city council decides against ambulance contract

Monday, July 24, 2017

Old business was the main item on the agenda for the Trumann City Council during their monthly meeting Tuesday.

The council decided not to enter into a contract with Trumann Ambulance Service (TEMS). The proposed contract was asked for approval by Alderman Brett Parker but failed to get a second by another member, so the issue died. Charles Jones had spoken with the council before the vote voicing his opinion that the contract with TEMS be approved as the data from previous ambulance runs showed two ambulance services could not be supported in Trumann.

In new business, a change was made to the Personnel Policy Manual pertaining to the authority to hire and fire. The new wording says the discipline/termination is delegated to the department head by the Mayor. If the discipline affects the employee's pay, an appeal may be heard by the Mayor.

The council also passed a resolution to purchase a new 2018 backhoe with the city receiving a trade-in value of $22,000 on the 2005 backhoe the city is trading in. The new backhoe is $85,000 but will be $63,000 after the trade-in. Parker was the only councilman to vote no on the resolution.

The council also voted to approve a resolution to remove a 2016 Ford Explorer from the fixed asset list after it was involved in a wreck and is no longer usable by the department. Insurance will pay approximately $24,735.80 to the city in settlement. The council then approved a resolution to waive competitive bidding on the purchase of a new 2018 Ford Police Interceptor Utility at a price of $26,265.

The council heard from Cecilia Parker on the city's vicious dog ordinance with Parker suggesting a committee be formed to help with enforcing the ordinance. Connie Carter also spoke to the members about a committee to be formed to help with abandoned dogs in the city. She spoke about a possible registration of dogs so owners can be identified if a dog is picked up.

In the last new business, Trumann Mayor Barbara Lewallen told those in attendance that the position of Code Enforcement Officer position will be split between the police department and the public works department. Chief Chad Henson said that Captain Gary Henry will be responsible for the enforcement side of the of the job, and the new title will be Civil Enforcement Unit. The public works department will have the job of making sure things are up to code when needed.

The council voted for a 30 day extension to Javier Cruz on the property at 615 W. Main. The house is condemned, but Cruz has cleaned up the outside area. Cruz told the council he could have a new roof and OSB put on the outside before the next council meeting.

In department reports, Henson said after a firestorm of controversy on the dog pound, significant changes are in store for the pound. Henson also asked that a committee be formed to look into the best way to care for the animals that will be at the shelter.

Before adjourning, Lewallen said a special meeting will be held on July 25 at 6 p.m. to approve the annexation of property into the city.

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