Light agenda for Poinsett County Quorum Court

Monday, September 18, 2017

The agenda was light as the Poinsett County Quorum Court had their monthly meeting Monday at the courtroom in the Poinsett County Detention Center in Harrisburg.

Poinsett County Judge Bob Cantrell gave the justices an update on the repairs of the steps and doors to the courthouse. Western Specialty Contractors was the only company to turn in a bid for the job. Cantrell also told the justices that the total cost will not have to be paid all at once. "They bill is steps as they do the work. This is a job that can't be rushed, and weather will a factor in the job. Some of the material they use, the temperature has to be in a certain range," Cantrell said.

After discussion from the court, the matter was voted on to be tabled, with Justice Gene Terry casting the only no vote, until the finance committee meets in November to work on the budget for 2018. "I'll find some examples of jobs they have done and go look at them if you need me to," Cantrell said.

The other new business of the night was County Clerk Teresa Rouse and Circuit Clerk Misty Russell asking for funds from the court for new heating/air splitters for their offices. Rouse and Russell said they have no extra funds to cover this and asked that it be paid for out of the general fund. "All our monies have been allocated for other things for the rest of the year, so we need help with the cost of this project," Rouse said. The boiler that applies heat to the offices is inoperable, so the offices will not have heat until the situation is fixed. Poinsett County Treasurer Tammie Stanford said the general fund can't take on the $18,000 for this project, but the reserve fund could handle the cost. The justices voted unanimously to use funds from the reserve fund to pay for the project.

Judge Cantrell told the court that Damon Slinkard of Trumann has filled out all the necessary paperwork, and the paperwork has been submitted to the governor to fill the vacant spot on the Quorum Court due to the passing of Gary Anderson.

Cantrell also told the court that he has received grants from FEMA to repair two bridges in the county. $98,000 was allocated for the White Bridge, and $196,000 was allocated for the Wildcat Bridge.

Poinsett County Sheriff Molder informed the court that the motor in one of the county's cruisers has gone out. After having it looked at to see if a new motor needed to be put in, it was found to need a new transmission too with the bill expected to be $12,000. "The car has over 150,000 miles on it, so we decided to park it for the time being instead of putting that much money into a vehicle that old," Molder said.

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