Houses hot topic at Trumann City Council meeting

Monday, September 18, 2017

Two houses that are being worked on via extensions from being condemned were the hot topics of the night for the Trumann City Council at their monthly meeting Tuesday.

The first house discussed is at 522 Maple Street. The house burned a few weeks ago, but the occupant, Buddy Brooks, asked he council for an extension to make repairs. With the damage caused by the fire, the council asked that Brooks get a master electrician to look at the wiring in the house. Brooks did that and provided a signed statement from the electrician. Members of the council still felt the house was unsafe and by a vote of 6-3 (Councilman Jason Stewart was absent), Brooks is to have a licensed contractor come look at house and give recommendations if the house is structurally sound enough to make repairs. The council voted once that document is provided, Brooks may start making repairs to house. He his not allowed to make repairs or live in the house until this requirement is met.

The second house, on 615 W. Main, was given an extension and was to have the OSB board and a roof on the house. OSB was applied to most of the house, and the decking was put up for the roof. The back half of the house is still wide open, and that concerned some of the council members. The owner is in Alabama working and will not be back for two weeks, so the council advised Civil Enforcement Officer Captain Gary Henry to notify the owner that once he returns, the house on W. Main is to be his top priority and is to have significant work done or the house could be condemned.

In new business, Superintendent Myra Graham spoke briefly about the upcoming vote for the new football stadium and had renderings showing what it would look like. The vote is on Sept. 19.

Trumann Mayor Barbara Lewallen told the council that the 2016 Legislative Audit was good for the city.

The council voted to allow Arlington Cove to have a change drive at the intersection of Highways 463 and 69 with proceeds going to the Alzheimer's Foundation. The Trumann Booster Club was also given permission to shoot fireworks at the home football games this season. The council also approved to pay for the medical treatment of a volunteer who was bitten recently at the Trumann Animal Shelter.

In other new news, an ordinance was passed to amend Ordinance No. 231 relating to subdivision regulations. Section 3 had added that an engineered and approved storm water drainage plan will be included. An ordinance to amend the City Personnel Policyn adding two sections about the use of social median was passed. Also passed was an ordinance to to divide city clerk/treasurer position. There will be a City Clerk and City Treasurer starting in 2019. The clerk position will be an elected position with the treasurer position being an appointed position with final approval by the city council. The council passed a resolution to allow two police cars, who have reached their useful life and are to costly to maintain, be sold at public auction and removed from inventory. The council also voted to to adopt the Poinsett County Hazard Mitigation Plan for the city of Trumann.

Mayor Lewallen also read a proclamation that will set Oct. 6 as Go Pink Day for breast cancer awareness. The last business of the night was Captain Henry informing the council that houses at 505 E. Speedway and 609 W. Speedway are in the process of being condemned, and the house at 324 Smith will be taken down soon.

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