Trumann city council votes to condemn house

Friday, October 13, 2017

The Trumann City Council voted to condemn a house that has been on discussed for some time during their monthly meeting Tuesday.

The house at 522 Maple had burned with considerable damage to the inside and outside. The house is owned by Rudy Ray Jr. and occupied by Buddy Brooks with Brooks in the process of purchasing the house. At the August meeting, Brooks was told that he would need a master electrician to sign off that the wiring was good in which he did with Robert Hodges. At the September meeting, there was still questions about the integrity of the structure so Brooks was asked to have a master contractor sign off on the house being sound enough to repair. The representative for Brooks had a signed letter from Ray Jr. stating the house was in sound shape. The board voted that this was not a satisfactory statement since Ray Jr. owned the house and was declaring it sound. After a little more discussing, the council voted 8-1, with one abstaining, to condemn the structure. The representative asked who the attorney for Ray Jr. would need to contact because he will not accept this action. She was told the attorney could contact the mayor's office.

In other news, owner of the house at 615 W. Main had not completed what was asked of him by the council, but the council decided to take no further action at this time. The council advised the Civil Enforcement Officer, Captain Gary Henry, to stay on the owner about getting the house closed in.

Matt Miller spoke to the council about a pot belly pig he has. An ordinance on the books states no swine can be inside the city limits, and Miller contested this, saying he had documents that pot belly pigs are not considered it to be swine or livestock. After a lengthy discussion, the council decided a committee needed to be formed to look further into this matter. Miller asked if the ordinance might could be amended to state that the pigs are not considered swine or livestock. Miller also said the pig helps with his wife's depression and other illnesses. The council said it was afraid this would open up a can of worms with other animals that will asked about being allowed for that reason.

The council voted to condemn two houses, one at 505 East Speedway and one at 609 West Speedway but were also told the owners of the properties had reached agreements with two different companies to deed the properties over to them in return for them taking down the houses and cleaning the lots. The council was happy with these arrangements.

The council also gave approval for the purchase of 25 self-contained SCBA breathing apparatuses for he Trumann Fire Department from monies the department received from a grant from the FEMA Assistance to Firefighters.

In department reports, Trumann Fire Chief Revis Kemper announced that the ISO rating for the city went from a 4 to a 3 from the last inspection. Kemper said this was the first time in years the city has had this rating. Kemper also said this should lower insurance payments. The new rating goes into effect Jan. 1, 2018.

Kemper also presented a Life Savings Award to Captain Rodney Knuckles for his actions during an incident where a woman was brought to the fire station seeking medical attention. Knuckles assessed the situation and started medical care. The ambulance picked up the patient and requested Knuckles ride with them. The patients' condition worsened before reaching the hospital, and she went into respiratory failure. After care was transferred to the hospital, the patient went into respiratory failure twice more. It was discovered she had a pulmonary embolism from the c-section she had during child birth.

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