Trumann city council approves municipal budget for 2018

Thursday, December 21, 2017

With all council members present for their weekly meeting, the Trumann City Council voted to approve the municipal budget for 2018 Tuesday.

An ordinance to adopt the 2018 municipal budget was read three times, second and third by title only, before the members of the council voted to approve the ordinance. The totals of the budget were appropriations of $6,786,118 and revenues of $6,150,259. Councilman Brett Parker voted yes on the condition that a line item be added to allow funds for the police and fire department to buy safety equipment as needed. The budget passed unanimously.

In other new business, an ordinance was passed to annex property over by Industrial Drive into the city. The area is ten parcels of land that is mostly agricultural but does have a few residents in the area. The annex also includes the right of ways of I-555. A resolution was passed to show support of sales tax collection of items bought online. In most cases, no sales tax is charged, making it cheaper than buying the item at a local merchant. Parker voted against the resolution.

An ordinance amending the personnel policy and procedures for the City of Trumann was passed pertaining to social media. Added to Chapter 6, Standards of Conduct is section 6.2 SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY. Also added to Chapter 6, Standards of Conduct, 6.13 CITY VEHICLES, the statement, The City reserves the right to inspect and monitor, without notice, the use of its vehicles and equipment. The ordinance passed with all yes votes.

Also in new business, Charles McCorkle was voted in as the new member of the Planning and Zoning Commission due to a member retiring, the house at 522 Maple has had an injunction filed to prevent it from being torn down after it was condemned, and Trumann Mayor Barbara Lewallen informed the council that the Municipal League Winter Conference will be held in Fort Smith on Jan. 10-12 if any would like to attend.

In old business, Lewallen read a letter from city attorney Jimmy Gazaway advising that the ordinance pertaining to swine not be changed and also advised that the council should not waive the ruling on a case by case basis. This issue involves a pot belly big that has lived inside the city limits for two years and was just recently found out about. The owner presented a letter from his wife's doctor saying the pig helps her with some of her medical issues. The owners contend the pig is not part of the swine family. The council voted, since Gazaway said this is an enforcement matter, to turn the matter over to Civil Enforcement Office Captain Gary Henry. A member of the crowd spoke after the announcement was made and said that if the pig is to be removed, several in the city will see that all the chickens in the city limits be removed also.

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