County road big issue at Quorum Court meeting

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The hottest topic on the agenda during this month's Quorum Court meeting Monday night was Pemberton Road with landowners complaining that after the road layout was changed, the new road now comes through their yard.

Poinsett County Judge Cantrell showed a map of where the road originally was along with where it had been changed and now moved back to the original place. Landowners Janet and Darryl Davis contend that the road now comes through their property, which is being rented, and that trees were cut down on his property. Davis asked why permission was not asked first before this was done.

"That is a county road, and we can have the right to maintain the road. The old layup made it impossible for our graders to get down the road to do the necessary work," Cantrell said.

As tempers heated up, Justice Randy Jones made a motion that the issue be given to the Road and Bridges Committee for them to check out the situation and give a report at the next Quorum Court meeting. The motion passed.

In other new news, a resolution was passed authorizing Cantrell to enter into a long term lease agreement for the purpose of procuring equipment. The county wants to lease a 2018 Mack CH613 Day Cab at the cost of $1,348.65 per month. The justices voted 10-1 for approval with Justice Harold Blackwood voting against. The court also approved an appropriations and transfers ordinance in the amount of $4,346.84 by an 11-0 vote. County Assessor John Hutchinson presented the justices with a chart asking that titles of his workers be changed. He said since one employee left, he wants to promote his other employees, and that would create a new pay rate for the employees. There was some discussion that this is the same as a raise, which no other county employee received this year. The justices passed two motions on this issue, that the Personnel Committee meet to discuss the title name changes and that the finance committee look at the money part of the proposal. Motions passed.

Alvin Taggart, Appraisal Manager for Poinsett County, spoke to the justices about what his job entails and some new things that will be implemented this year. Taggart said the biggest change will be that self-reporting of information to the assessor will be phased out. Taggart could not give an exact date to when this will start.

The last item of the night was a discussion of the roof at the Health Department in Trumann. The county owns the building, and the roof is need of repair. Two bids were collected for a metal roof, and the suggestion was made to get estimates for a shingled roof before any decision is to be made.

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