Tyronza council receives update on water tower

Monday, March 26, 2018

Tyronza Mayor Charles Glover spoke to the city council about the plan to fix the water tower during this month's council meeting.

According to Mayor Glover, the water tower is in need of renovation, which is estimated to cost between $235-250,000. The water tower was built in 1935. Glover said the plan is to do the work as a two-year project, completing inside repairs this year and outside repairs next year. The city has applied for a 2-1 matching grant from the Arkansas Historic Preservation office. The grant will be for $62,000 with the city putting up $31,000 for a total of $93,000. "We'll find out in the first part of June if we get the grant," Glover said.

If the city does receive the grant, Glover said the work on the inside of the water tower--which involves sandblasting, removing lead material, and painting the interior--should take around 120 days to complete. If the city is not approved for the grant, Glover said they will have to look at other options such as getting a loan.

In other business, Mayor Glover announced that Jessica Ross would be the city's new water clerk. As Ross is also on the city council, she will be vacating her position as alderman. The March meeting was her last night on the council. Since her term is up in November, the council will appoint someone to fill her spot until then.

Regarding the senior center, Glover said the outside lights and the ice machine have been fixed. The oven was having problems, but he found a commercial oven to replace it for $875.

In announcements, the Stars and Stripes committee is looking for old Stars and Stripes shirts which will be used to make a quilt for the auction. Donations are also needed for the Stars and Stripes silent auction taking place April 7 at 5 p.m. at the senior center. And Spring Cleanup will be April 14-19.

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