Tyronza gets new vests for police

Monday, May 14, 2018

During Tyronza's City Council meeting Tuesday night, the council heard from Police Chief B.J. Carter about new vests the police department recently acquired and heard from Fire Chief David Wood about the need for a new fire truck.

The police department's old vests were expired, and the department was able to get new ones thanks in part to a donation from Dead Timber, a business owned by Chris McCorkle. The new vests are outer vests, which Carter said were more cost effective and have a greater lifespan. They were $317 a piece, as opposed to around $900 for an inner vest, and have a 20 year shelf life. Four were purchased for the city, one for each officer, and Carter said they didn't have any issue with the weight of the vests during a recent active shooter training they participated in. "They're a little heavy, but it's worth the protection," Carter said.

Carter said the active shooter training, which took place in both Tyronza and Lepanto recently, went well. The only problem they had was with communication because Tyronza's radios are on an analog channel while the other departments in the county are on digital. Carter said Tyronza will need to go digital in the future.

Fire Chief David Wood spoke to the council about the fire department's big truck. He said they are only able to use it on the highway because it is too big to maneuver well on Tyronza's streets. Specifically, he said there are no streets in Tyronza it is able to turn around on.

Wood said he has looked at a pumper rescue truck to replace it and found one the city could get for $35,000 after trade-in. The truck has 185,000 miles on it, but Wood said it had been well taken care of and could see another 3-400,000 miles. The only other expense would be hoses and nozzles.

Alderman Tyler Permenter, who serves with the fire department, said a pumper rescue would give the city an extra pumper and get rid of the need for a brush truck and an ambulance or squad truck, meaning it would do the job of three vehicles in one.

Wood said the truck was on hold with the dealer until the next day while he awaited the council's decision, but after some more discussion, the council felt they would need to look at the matter more closely and look and financing, so they would not be able to give an answer by the next day. Wood said he might be able to get another week, and after more discussion, the council moved on to other business.

The council also approved authorizing a third person to sign checks in the event of an emergency. Currently, the city needs two signatures, the mayor and city treasurer. Alderman Tyler Permenter was approved to be added to the account.

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