Community members invited to help plan Trumann's future

Monday, July 9, 2018

According to Trumann Mayor Barbara Lewallen , a visioning workshop for the Trumann Vision 2040 Plan, the new comprehensive plan for the Trumann community, will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 31, at the Trumann Sports Complex.

According to James Walden, planner for the project, the workshop will focus on developing a vision for Trumann's future. "This workshop will be about the planning team listening rather talking. We want to hear from folks in the community about their ideas and dreams for the future of Trumann," Walden said. "So far the project has focused on where Trumann is, and we are now looking at where Trumann needs to go in the future."

Walden said, "The meeting will be set up to allow us to hear from everyone in the room. Attendees will be divided into groups that will work together to identify a vision for Trumann." The planning team will then take down the ideas and visions developed, and formulate a consensus vision based on the input they receive. That information will form a foundation for the plan.

The mayor, city council, staff, planning commission, and community leaders began working on the plan in response to a need to update the city's development codes and a need to plot a course for the city's future. Economic changes, slowing growth, and future development on the horizon have highlighted the need and interest in developing new strategies for the community's development.

This meeting is one in a series of meetings in which the community will have an opportunity to provide input on the plan. "For this plan to be successful, its needs to reflect our community," Mayor Lewallen said. "Community buy-in is essential. This plan is a vision for our entire community. We want to hear from every corner of the community. As a result, we are working to engage the community in a big way as part of the project."

The final plan will propose ideas to strategically guide the city over the next 15-25 years and be finished this fall. Planning will affect all residents in the area as well as the business community. For this reason, local officials stress the importance of involving as many people in the process as possible.

The Mayor and city officials encourage anyone living or working in the Trumann community to attend the workshop and take part in shaping the area's future. "This project is a big deal and will have a large impact on the future of our community," said Mayor Lewallen.

Information about the workshop and the plan are available at Trumann City Hall.

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