Tyronza Council hears from mosquito control service

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Tyronza City Council heard from Brett Killingsworth with Vector Disease Control Tuesday night about the services his company offers.

Killingsworth said they are the biggest mosquito control contractors in the world and do work in 30 states. In addition to aerial spraying, they also set traps weekly to see what species of mosquitoes are active and where they are breeding in order to do more effective mosquito control, and use larvicide at breeding sites to keep their numbers down. He said they also do public service requests where citizens can call them out for mosquito problems, and they do public education on ways to help prevent mosquitoes. Their contracts are yearly, and they are most active from around mid-April to the first of November. Killingsworth gave the council packets with pricing for a contract for 2019, and Mayor Charles Glover said they would talk about it at the budget meeting. Lepanto Mayor Dale Dunlap was also there to hear the information and report back to Lepanto City Council.

Mayor Glover also gave an update on the water tower renovation. He said the Health Department has a new regulation that requires a stirring mechanism be installed if a city repairs a water tank, so an amended resolution was needed to reflect the extra expense. The purpose of the mechanism is to make sure the chlorine is being mixed throughout the water in storage. Originally, the city was going to apply for $185,000 in a grant or loan through USDA Rural Development, but Mayor Glover said the stirring mechanism and engineering fees would probably bring the price up to $220,000, though they were looking for ways to do it as inexpensively as possible. The council approved an amended resolution applying for a grant of up to $250,000 for the water tower repairs.

The council also heard from two concerned citizens. Terry Branch expressed concern about eyesores in town, and Mayor Glover said they would try to do better and take a look at the places mentioned.

Tony Turner, who works with Riverside Ambulance, spoke about a recent incident where they were called around 7-8 in the morning to a residence where someone was having thoughts of suicide. Turner said they take suicide threats seriously and prefer to have a police officer on scene first because suicide calls have the potential to become dangerous situations for those responding. However, the police chief was out of town in Harrisburg for court that day, and the officer on duty could not be reached. "We need something in place to prevent that from happening again," Turner said and asked that changes be made.

Mayor Glover said their protocol had not required an officer responding on calls for suicidal thoughts, but the protocol was changed after that incident, and if it happens again an officer will be sent first. Police Chief B.J. Carter added that he would start letting the officer on duty know the morning of if he was going to be out of town that day. They thanked Turner for bringing the issue up and said they would address it.

In other business, Mayor Glover said they have been putting $600 aside each month to pay for unused sick leave when a police chief retires, and the account is now up to $9,600. Glover said the state requires they keep two months salary available, so he suggested putting the money in a CD to draw interest and taking the $600 they are setting aside each month to use toward paying off the police car going forward. The council approved a resolution to that effect.

The council also approved purchasing ten American flags to display along Main Street during holidays.

In announcements, the city will host a Trunk or Treat on Oct. 30. The annual Citywide Yard Sale will take place Oct. 20. And there will be two meetings on Oct. 15 at the senior center. The first, at 1 p.m., will be to brainstorm ideas for a Community Garden. Then at 6 p.m., there will be a Stars and Stripes planning meeting. Anybody who is interested in participating is welcome to attend these meetings.

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